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Insurance Plans

Life insurance policies are a great way of safeguarding your loved ones’ future.

That’s why you need to stay protected with the best insurance policy. Our world revolves around the wellbeing of our family, it is up to us to protect them in the best possible way that we can. Life insurance plans help you do that at an affordable cost and with a complete peace of mind.

life insurance plans
  • Bharti Axa Protection Plans

    These are the simplest form of life insurance plans. They offer a financial cover for a specific period or term. In case of an unfortunate event within this term, these policies pay a predetermined amount to your dependents. This helps you secure their needs in your absence.

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  • Bharti Axa Savings Plans

    All of us have goals, what we need is a good savings plan to help us achieve them in a systematic planned manner. Savings can help protect your loved ones in their times of need. At Bharti AXA Life we understand your needs and offer a range of saving and protection plans to help you meet your short and long-term goals.

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  • Bharti Axa Investment Plans

    Planning is an important step towards making wise investment decisions that maximise your gains. Here at Bharti AXA Life, we offer some of the best Investment plans that can help you live out your aspirations. Depending on your requirement, we offer long-term and short-term investment plans to meet your needs.

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  • Bharti Axa Health Plans

    As you grow, your HealthCare needs increase. With rates rising for basic medical care, planning and buying a good health care plan for you and your family is extremely important.  This gives you the benefit of ensuring financial security for yourself and your family in case of any medical emergency. We have a range of Healthcare plans suited to individual needs.

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  • Bharti Axa Group Plans

    Group Insurance Plans are life insurance solutions which are especially crafted for members belonging to a professional, financial or cultural organization. Our range of Group Plans offer you various benefits that suit your needs.

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  • Bharti Axa Yoddha Plans

    Bharti AXA comes out with a plan which is especially created for the one’s who protect us. A plan for the armed forces that covers war and war-like risks. Protecting the protector as we recognize the importance and value of their work.

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