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Grief Support Program


Emotional Counselling

The experience of losing a loved one is always life shattering, picking up the pieces and continuing with life sometimes can be extremely difficult. While your family and friends do offer comfort, getting professional emotional counselling can prove to be very helpful in dealing with depression and the grief. We offer the benefits of trained professional counsellors that can help you cope with the situation. You can opt for face to face counselling sessions to help you in solving stress, anxiety, transition, parenting and so on. 

Financial Planning

Losing a family member is irreplaceable, and often leaves you in a dilemma on how to proceed further when it comes to your future goals With the help of Grief Support Program, you can talk to a Certified Financial Planner over a phone call, who will help you plan your future goals.

Second Opinion on Will

Sometimes, dealing with death becomes more painful because you also need to cope with the legal issues that might come with it. Distribution of property or wealth may be the last thing on your mind, but you must face it. The Grief Support program offers the assistance of a certified legal practitioner who will provide a second opinion on executed wills. Remember, help is just a phone call away.

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