Protect your loved one’s future

We understand that life is very unpredictable, nonetheless we can help you ensure that your family is always financially secure. Take a look at our Protection Plans that offer you a high life cover at affordable costs.

When should I BUY a Protection PLAN?

  • When I am looking for a smart Term Plan to protect my family.

    Term Plans offer coverage for a defined period of time chosen by you.

  • When I need a Life Insurance cover.

    Receive a lump sum benefit, in case of demise of the Life Insured.

  • When I am looking for affordable Premium rates.

    Convenient and affordable to purchase.

  • When I am looking for Tax benefits.

    Tax benefits fall under Income Tax Act, 1961.

Protection Plans we offer

Bharti AXA Life

  • Simple Term Plan that provides high cover at affordable Premiums
  • Offers in-built family care benefit

Bharti AXA Life

  • A Term Plan at an affordable Premium rate
  • Choose between fixed monthly or annual increasing pay-outs

Bharti AXA Life
Elite Secure

  • A long-term Plan that covers you until the age of 75
  • Affordable Premium rates
  • Comprehensive financial protection against unfortunate events

Why choose Bharti AXA LIFE?

  • Immense focus revolves around every single customer

  • Understanding individual needs enables us to provide the right product

  • Digitally enabled services help make every transaction convenient and hassle-free

  • Industry first services like dedicated claims handlers and 48 hour fund release

  • As an empathetic workforce, we are Available, Reliable and Attentive