Why do I need an insurance plan?

Young Unmarried


When you are young and are yet to be married, you have relatively fewer responsibilities. You may not have many dependents, which makes it easier to invest your surplus income in earning higher returns in the future. This is the stage when you should opt for a flexible plan that can change according to your growing priorities. It’s the perfect time to start saving towards goals like your marriage, or investing in a home or even considering to take a health insurance cover for that matter. In such a time, if you buy life insurance policies, it makes perfect sense.

Young Married with Children

Young Married
with Children

If you are a double-income family, your investment potential is relatively higher, which lets you focus on choosing a good family health plan as well as on your children’s future. It is equally important to plan for your retirement or be prepared in case something unfortunate is to happen to either of you.

Whereas in a single-income family, protecting your income is more of a priority. It is important to be prepared in case something happens to the breadwinner of the family. A protection plan will ensure that your family’s health, children’s education and future are well-looked after. There is no better of doing it that buying the best insurance policy that suits your needs.

Married with older children

Married with
older children

At this stage, your focus is more towards your children’s higher education and marriage. Since your income increases as you grow in your career, it is important to make wise investments for not just your children’s future, but also your retirement. As the years pass by, it also becomes essential for you to pay attention to your own health by reanalysing whether your health cover is enough. It is also necessary to plan for your family’s future, in case something unfortunate were to ever happen to you. Hence, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy life insurance policies.

Pre- retirement and Retirement

and Retirement

Ideally you should start planning for your retirement right from the time you start earning. When you plan early, it becomes easier to enjoy a carefree retirement later on. Life insurance is one such necessary precaution that can protect your family from sudden events while also being a lucrative investment option. Not only can you get good returns, but it also gives you the peace of mind. Once you retire, your priorities turn towards family security, health and generating regular income post your retirement. Choose the best insurance policy that ensures you always live with your head held high.