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Rider Claim

Riders claim is the formal request made by the life insured to claim the additional benefit that the Rider provides on their existing plan.
  • Claims Intimation
  • Claims Processing
    • Our claim specialist will assess the claim.
    • We will reach out via SMS, Call or letter in case we require any further information or documentation.
    • For all eligible ULIP contracts, Fund Value accrued under the policy is paid to the nominee within 48 Hours from receipt of claim intimation
  • Upload Documents
  • Claims Decision
    • We target to process all claims within 5 working day
    • However, if the claim requires an investigation, the Regulator gives the insurer up to 4 months to make a claim decision.
Rider Claim

Following are the list of documents we will require to process a claim under Critical Illness Rider, Triple Health Plan and Premium Waiver Benefit Rider.


I want to know all about claims

To know the various ways of intimating the Company about a claim, please Click here to know about claims

All duly completed claim forms and documents can be submitted to the nearest Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company Limited branch office or couriered directly to the Head Office. For details kindly refer List of Branches

Claim settlement time depends on complete submission of claim documents as required by the Company. At Bharti AXA Life Insurance, we endeavour to settle a claim in 5 working days from the date of receipt of last pending document. However, in case we need to investigate the matter, the time required for settling the claim would be extended. As per IRDAI timelines, an insurer can take upto 90 for investigation and then 30 days to take decision on a claim.

Customer can track online claim status here.

In case the Policyholder and Life Insured are different persons, the Claim monies would be paid to the Policyholder. In case the Policyholder and Life Insured is a same person, the claim monies will be paid to the nominee/ appointee (in case of a minor nominee) as specified by the Policyholder in the proposal form for Insurance or as communicated by the Policyholder from time to time.

Any information related to the Life Insured which has influence on the underwriter's decision is not disclosed in the proposal form, it is termed as "non disclosure". Similarly providing incorrect information while answering questions in the proposal form is termed as "mis-statement". When such non disclosure or mis-statement of material fact is observed, the claim may be rejected.